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<meta name="description" content="Non-binary, queer, boudoir photographer in Edmonton, Alberta specializing in luxury boudoir and body acceptance coaching.">
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Established in 2010, we are a queer, non-binary owned boudoir photography provider. We believe that boudoir isn't just for women but for anyone regardless of their gender identity, and there doesn't need to be special names to reflect that. Everyone that walks through our studio doors are treated with the same kindness and respect that we expect in return. 

Located on the west end of Edmonton on Treaty 6, our studio boasts a mini plant haven perfect for your next luxury boudoir experience. With premium products and fast turn around time, you'll be recommending us to all your friends. 

_DSC9358-Edit (1).jpg
Tropical Leaves

We shoot a variety of different styles of boudoir including concepts that involve: 420 related props, kink wear, exotica, and full nudity. Each of our sessions are discussed with the client about what they're comfortable with and what they expect from us.


We tailor each session to your own personal wants and needs while providing 10 years worth of education and experience. Our owner has invested into one-on-one training with established and award winning photographers around the globe. Every year they make investments into new training and updating the home studio.

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